The gambling regulator of Sweden annulled a license of one of the operators

Swedish gambling regulator canceled the Global Gaming license for the fact that the firm violated the rules of work. To stop its work in Sweden must be a subsidiary of Global Gaming – Safent. She owns Ninzya Casino and The company had a bookmaker license.

In his report, the regulator describes numerous violations of the firm. The most problems have players who used the services of the company. About 10 gamers spent round sums during gambling, and the operator did not intervene in their activities. Although he had to warn players about the dangers of gambling and establish the source of their income.

According to Swedish legislation, gamers are required to establish bid restrictions. In case of establishing a limit by a player above 1053 dollars, the operator ordered to contact such players.

But the facts showed that Safent did not contacted any of these 10 players, although 2 of them spent more than 50 thousand Swedish crowns for 7 days.

It was revealed that one of the customers of the company contacted the operator so that he set him a limit that exceeds permissible 3 times. And later it turned out that the operator put the restriction of this player for 40 thousand kroons. Moreover, the company provided the player in a short period to put no more than 250 thousand kroons.

Global Gaming stated that up to 14.01 deposit limit was not established at all. But then she set a limit on 8000 kroons. After that, all the settings for the limits of the players were reset, and gamers were forced to install them again manually.

The regulator stated that the operator broke the minimum of 3 main points of rules and recommendations.

The operator was to immediately begin to investigate these 10 players, and establish the source of their income. But the firm did not take anything. This inaction is equivalent to violation of the money kneading law.

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