Banana GO Bahamas slot machine (bananas, bananas on the bugs)

Very funny and colorful 5 drum with 9-active game lines The slot machine that will take you to Bahamas – represents the Internet Casino Automatic Slot Club. Everyone can play slot machines for free and without registration and SMS.

You can see the rules and combinations of the game on the game machine by clicking on the "Info" button. The combination values ​​shown correspond to your rate.

When the rates are made, press the "Start" button. The magnitude of your loan will decrease in the amount of the total bet "bet" and the drums begin to rotate. After stopping the drums, the slot machine will show the winning lines and calculates the winnings in all combinations. Also at the bottom of the screen will indicate the number of the winning line, combination and the amount of winnings of this combination at your rate. If several combinations fall out, then winnings in all combinations are summed up and shown in the "Winning" window, after which they are transferred on credit. When you press the "Start" button, the calculation of all winsing combinations is accelerated. In order to translate your winning on credit. You must click the "Pick" button.

Skatter is the symbol of "Suitcase". To win, this symbol may be outside the winning line. He can fall out on any of the 5 drums. Conditions of winning – dropping 2 or more scatter characters.

Replacing all possible symbols of the game "Banana" symbol, except the symbol "Suitcase".

If one or more symbols "banana" are present in the winning combination, the winnings of this combination is doubled, excluding the winnings with the symbol of the "suitcase".

On the Bananas Go Bahamas gaming machine (Bahamas), the following rules exist to obtain winning combinations:

The combination is considered a winning if the location of the same symbols on the line left to right starting from the leftmost drum;
The combination is considered advantageous if it is on the active line;
The highest combination on the line is paid;
Scatter winnings are added to winnings.
Bonuses and doubling on the Bananas Go Bahamas gaming machine:

You can enlarge winnings for any winning combination. Using the "Double" button, you go to an additional game where you are offered to guess the color of the card (red or black), if the color of the card opened coincided with your chosen – you won and the amount will double. Next, you can continue to catch good luck or take a win. The maximum possible gain when "doubling" – your bet multiplied by 200.

If you drop 3 or more symbols of Skatter "Suitcase" You will get 45-«Free Games» (Free Games). When dropping 3 or more scantles in free games you will additionally get 45-h.

You can play for free in the online Slotclub Casino, and you can try good luck and disrupt the bank, playing real money! We wish you a pleasant game and good luck!

Playing the rubles on the Bananas Go Bahamas gaming machine in the Slotclub casino, you will definitely smile Mrs. Luck!

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