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Slot machineT Fruit Cocktail – This video silver consisting of 9 lines and five drums. If you wish to play for free in the strawberry machine, we suggest evaluate this game. This colorful video surplot has been popular with players for several years. The slot contains a bonus system that will greatly please. Colorful pictures, spectacular game interface, create an excellent atmosphere for playing. Playing the Strawberries can be replenished through Privat 24, WebMoney, Yandex Money or through another payment system.

How to play strawberry?
The game is conducted on 9 lines, you can choose as one line, and all nine, only the amount of winnings will change. In order to change the number of active lines, you need to click on the "Line" button. After you set a certain number of game lines, you should choose a bid at which you will play. To change the bet, you should click the button, and then choose the desired amount of the game rate. If you want to fully rely on Mrs. Good luck, then the developers have come up with the "Autostart" button for you when you click on which the game will be translated into auto mode, and the rate will be selected, that you specified before pressing the "Autostart" button. In case all loans are spent, the game will stop automatically.
If a winning combination falls on one or more lines, the winnings will automatically be calculated.
Looking at the bottom of the screen, you can see the line number and the winning combination.
If the bid played several combinations, then the amount of winnings is summed up and the value you can see in the winning window to translate the amount on credit, click the "Pick" button.
How to win in a casino? How to consider winnings winning?
Combinations are considered winning if characters, for example, bananas are located continuously, combinations are paid only by active lines, as well as on the game line, the winnings will be paid only by the highest gaming combination.
Play strawberries and double your winnings.
In order to double their bid, click the "Double" button at the time when the winning combinations fell. You play against the dealer, your task out of 4 closed cards, choose the one that will block the dealer map. If the card you chose less than the nominal dealer card, your win will be returned to the casino, and you will return to the main game.
If the card you chose is equal to the card, which is located at the dealer, you are given another attempt to select a map.
In case, you have chosen a map that overlaps the dealer card, you win, and your winnings double.
Often, slot machines contain various bonus games that provide good chances to play losing money.
Playing the strawberry and winning, especially nice, especially when the developers took care of this advantage as a bonus game when dropping 3 and more symbols of strawberry appears the opportunity to play a bonus game.
So, you fell a bonus, what’s next? Next, begins to spin the drum, and the backlight starts to run around the perimeter, while drums stop, the backlight will also stop. If the dropped symbols coincide, you win if the characters do not match – the game will continue on, but in the case when you fall the symbol with the inscription "EXIT" will end, and you will be automatically returned to the main game.

Play for free or money in the strawberry you can online Casino – Slot Club. Play and win and let luck do not leave you!

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