Slot Machine Pit Stop Garage

Swallow, Bunny, Favorite – We often hear these words adding to their real affection – car. Conding for days in the garage, a man knows about his car literally all: the sound of the motor, smoothness. They may discuss the features of their "baby" with the other such motorists.

Company "Artgambling.COM "knows the preferences of its customers, so created the" Pit Stop Garage "slot machine for real men. Open the application and enjoy familiar things, and the winnings will allow you to pamper your "swallow" in real life.

Access to video clients provides an online casino "Slot Club" on a paid and free basics. The main differences between these modes is the ability to get additional winnings in the form of a breakdown of Jackpots Mini, Midi and Maxi.

Rules of gaming machine "Pit Stop Garage"

Any game assumes the presence of rules and certain consistent actions that determine the game processes. Below are the highlights that you need to know before you start playing.

Playing field standard. It has 20 active lines. On these lines it is necessary to collect payable combinations. You can familiarize yourself with the cost of each individual set of characters by pressing the "Info" button on the panel in the lower left corner. Combinations are compiled as from left to right and vice versa.

Symbols in the machine are divided into ordinary and special. The usual include the symbols associated with the work and repair of the car. Special are divided into Skatter and Joker. The highlight of the slot is the presence of two scatters that open two different bonus rounds. When 5 characters appeared on the screen, the bonus level starts. Joker replaces any cell, except scatters and a symbol with an inscription similar to the name of the slot machine.

Bonus game "Castles" It starts after appearing on the playing field 5 characters of locks. You need to open 3 rows of locks to pass this level and transition to a super bonus. Choose the right or left drawer and experience your luck: the key with the key will switch to the next row of boxes, and the opening of the cobweb box leads to the end of the round. Each open lock is extra charged: 5 bets are charged for 1, yes 2 – 10, and for 3 – 15.

Super Bonus Round Reminds bunk hangar with cars. Before you are eight cars four in a row. In each row, two empty and two cars with win. To transition to the second row, you must open in the first one of the winning cars. They have coefficients 25 and 50. In the second row in winning machines, the coefficients 100 and 200. Round ends when opening an empty car in the first row or after the passage of two tiers. The obtained winnings in two rows are summed up.

Bonus game "Boxes" It starts when 5 images of boxes appear on the game field. A garage appears in which there are 5 boxes: in 3 there are tools (the hammer will pay extra 5 rates, the wrench – 10 rates, and the flashlight – 15 rates), and in 2 signs "STOP" that end the bonus round. Completion of the round occurs also after the opening of all payers. In case of more than one box with rates, payments are summed up.

In addition, you have a chance when you get a winning to play a doubling game. This is a game that is not related to the main game processes and is the ability to increase the payment. You can increase any win over 5 times.

Thanks to the way to keep up with the time of the manufacturer of the game software, you can enjoy video silver from any device convenient for you: HTML5 technology allows you to run your favorite application without installing additional programs.

Enjoy the game in the machine, charge positive emotions, and the online casino "Slot Club" will take care of its favorite customers, guaranteeing the honesty and reliability of the service!

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