Slot-O-Pol Deluxe 2 slot machine on Slot Club Internet Casino

Another slot-o-pol deluxe slot machine or as it is called in the people of "Eshki" acquires a new face. New, bright graphics make the game unforgettable, and crazy combinations and huge winnings inherent in the gaming machine SLOT-O-POL Deluxe II will delight the most arring players. New Deluxe slot machines waiting for you in a casino slot club.


Before you start the game, we need to establish the number of lines participating in the game. The choice of the number of lines occurs by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons in the corresponding window "Line". Possible game from 1 to 21 lines. After the number of lines is defined, you need to decide on the bid for each line. The choice of bets occurs by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons in the corresponding "BET" window. It is possible to rate from one to one hundred loans on the game line.

By clicking the "Info" button, you can see the Rules of the Slot-O-Pol Deluxe II gaming machine and its winning combinations. Winnings are indicated taking into account the bet installed for one line.

After all the preparations for the game are made, the rates and the number of game lines are exhibited, you can safely guide the "Start" button, while the magnitude of our gaming loan will decrease in the total bet "Total Bet". After the rotation of the drums automatic Slot-O-POL Deluxe II will show all winning combinations on playing lines and the total amount of winning in the "Win" window. Pressing the "Start" button we translate the win on credit. Or we can try to increase our win-game winning game. The transition to the risk game occurs after clicking on the "Gemble" button. Here we need to guess which card out of 4 closed open and so that it turns out to be more at face value than the open dealer card. If the card open by us is less than the dealer – we lose. Accordingly, if our card turns out to be greater – we win, and the amount of winnings is doubled. There are also situations where our card dealer coincide at par. In such cases, there are rules: if our Open cards with a dealer of the turns from the bodies to the eight – wins the dealer. If open cards with a par with nine to the ace – we win.

The dollar symbol plays on any positions, the main condition for winning is the fallout of three or more such characters. This pleasant and very generous symbol is called a slot machine scatter Slot-O-POL Deluxe II.

The "ECHE" symbol can replace the symbols in the winning line to get the best combination. The appearance of this symbol in the winning combination will bring a double gain. The "ECHA" symbol replaces all the characters except Skatter, the Symbol of "Wheels" and the symbol "Cube".

We also need to remember both on a gaming machine Slot-O-POL Deluxe II The winning combinations are determined. There is nothing complicated here. The winning combination is the one in which the same characters are on the active game line and begins with the leftmost drum. Payable the most expensive combination dropped on the game line. And the winning scatters is summed up with the winnings of combinations that dropped on the drums of the slot machine.

Also on a gaming machine Slot-O-POL Deluxe II There are two bonus games. These are the games "Fortune Wheel" and "Slot-O-Pol Bonus".

When we get one of the combinations of three, four or five characters "The Wheel of Fortune", the eponymous bonus game will begin, in which we will have the opportunity one, three or six times run the fortune wheel. Our win in this bonus game is considered so. The value of our bet per line displayed in the BET window is multiplied by the value dropped on the wheel.

The bonus game "Slot-O-Pol Bonus" begins for us after on the active game line we will see a combination of 5 "cubes". We have a game field in the form of a well-known monopoly game. Pressing the "Start" button we throw the dice and moving through the game field, earning money. We have seven attempts to throw a cube and walk through the playing field. In this bonus game, our winnings are considered as follows: The meaning specified on the playing field where our chip came to the value of our mark on the game line, all of the same Bet window. Also on the playing field we will be waited for empty cells, transfer cells and t.D.

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