Slot machines in the halls for playing in Latvia will be banned

The Riga City Council with a large number of votes has banned halls with video models, the ban did not affect the premises for the game located in the area of ​​hotels with four and five strategic services. The result of the ban is the closure of forty-one hall for a gambling – a consequence of a decision approved by the Supreme Court.

According to Arnis Verzemnieks (Arnis Nimes) – Advisor to Azart Latvia Association, the ban will negatively affect pedestrian tourism. This prohibition also disorientates an unstable environment of casino operators due to the impossibility of long-term investments.

Olympic Entertainment Group, who owns the premises for the game, is obliged to close seven rooms, which will undoubtedly affect the current income of the operator, but in the future the company involves the positive effect of the ban on their profits, as the Olympic Voodoo casino is located in the hotel zone and does not fall under the closure. Olympic Entertainment company hopes to increase the flow of travelers in the Olympic Voodoo casino.

This prohibition is the following paragraph of reform in the area of ​​Azart, was previously considered the option of doubling the tax rate in the gambling business.

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