Game habits of women and men

The behavior of men and women in many aspects of everyday life is very different, and the sphere of gambling is no exception. Traditionally, casino games were a priority entertainment for men. Women were not so passionate about gambling like men.

Currently, the situation has changed dramatically. More and more women begin to show interest in gambling. Nevertheless, women and men have different game habits and preferences. So, what the differences between the style of the game of two opposite sexes?

Gaming preferences and habits

Statistics show that the adult gaming community consists of 57% of male players and 43% of female players. Studies have shown that preferences and game habits differ between the sexes. Men tend to love risky games, due to excitement, which is associated with high impact, namely blackjack, poker and sports betting.

Women prefer a relaxing gameplay. Most of them prefer to play games that are more aimed at pleasure, where less competition, such as slot machines.

Women pay more time to each game session than men. Playing with lower rates, they can maximize the duration of each game, putting smaller in each spin. At the same time, players of men put more on the line, thereby reducing their gaming sessions.

From this it follows that men participate in more game sessions per year than their opposite sex. Among the permanent players, men spend an average of 115 days a year behind gambling in online casino, which is more than women who spend an average of 71 days per year.


In fact, both men and women play a casino to make money. However, there are other reasons for gambling are such a popular form of entertainment. And it is nothing but pleasure. And taking into account this we can say that 51% of women and 55% of men played games to win, while 22% of women and 19% of men were playing gambling because they were bored.


There is also a difference between men and women regarding problems with gambling. Nevertheless, men are usually more impulsive players, and therefore they have more problems with gambling than women. They tend to make more risky rates and eventually fall into trouble. Women are actually more conservative, therefore, less involved in toxic gameplay.

Reaction to losses

The reaction to the loss in gambling is also different in both sexes. Different polls show that men are more often disappointed or even manifest anger when losing. Women are also prone to sadness when they lose money, but not so much like a man.

There are other significant differences. For example, men’s players lose an average of about 4500 dollars a year or about $ 12 per day. Women: 3200 dollars a year or 9 dollars a day!

Women better distribute their investment, enjoying the game. Men tend to lose all at once.

The average age of male players is about 25 years, the average age of women players is 34! It’s hard to say why women start visiting online casinos much later than men.

You may be surprised, most men and women play the TV. And the most unusual place remains a bathroom where approximately 23% of women and 27% of men prefer to play games in the evening. Approximately 10% of all players (both men and women) prefer to play on the road.

Is there a sexism in the gaming industry so far? Although our society is trying to escape from the established stereotypes, some discrimination on the basis of gender is still preserved in ground casinos. According to statistics, there are several casinos that provide higher wages for male workers. However, this trend gradually disappears due to globalization in the XXI century.

We live in the 21st century, so people are increasingly inclined to be correct and careful in this topic. Today, terrestrial and online casinos are open to all players on the basis of gender. Each player is valuable, and with each contact as a special guest.


So we can say with confidence that the era of exclusive male gambling ended. Now women are increasingly involved in online casino games. Nevertheless, no one can argue with the fact that women and men differ from each other from the point of view of gaming preferences and habits.

We cannot say for sure exactly how the floor affects the game world, since the human number of factors affect the person himself, including education. Both sex have equal basic capabilities. But you can definitely say that now online casinos do not discriminate players on the basis of gender, so everyone can register and twist drums!

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