IGT will install wireless technologies for MGM Grand Detroit Casino

It has been confirmed that MGM Resorts will work with an IGT to establish new wireless technology for the loyalty system and the operational capabilities of the casino. IGT will add Cardless Connect already in the 4th quarter of this year in MGM Grand Detroit Casino.

Cardless Connect technology will be used for loyalty cards, as well as an option to confirm financial services. The option can be added to the mobile application and will allow guests instead of loyalty cards to use their smartphones. As a rule, the user needs to insert a map into a card reader to be authorized during the game. With the help of new technology, the smartphone transmits the necessary data to start the game. In addition to replacing loyalty cards, the new technology can also be used to ensure non-cash gaming transactions and provide transfers from the player’s electronic wallet on Slot machines.

MGM Resorts Chief Technical Specialist, Lili Tomovich, stated that the Cardless Connect technology from IGT provides a breakthrough in the ability of a casino connection with players. Each player will be able to use a smartphone to connect to slot machines, and it will work not only to increase the level of entertainment, and will also increase the convenience of guests, it will not be necessary to constantly carry a loyalty card with you to get bonuses from MGM. This year, the company expects to spend the test of this technology in Detroit.

IGT created Cardless Connect compatible with Android and iOS devices. The technology is intended to attract a wide database of players, which includes more technically savvy younger generation. Operators such as MGM will be able to use this solution to strengthen the relationship with the players enriching the value of the brand and mobile application.

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