In 2019, they want to open a gambling zone in Crimea

Next year in Crimea, local authorities want to open a gambling entertainment resort area. IRKZ will be built on a site in Katsiveli, which was previously in municipal ownership. At a meeting of the city council of Yalta, the deputies by a majority vote returned this land plot to the ownership of the city. 18 out of 22 deputies voted for this decision. This was told by the head of the city administration of Yalta Alexei Chelpanov.

“The implementation of the project for the construction of a new gambling zone in Crimea will give the local budget a good income in the form of tax deductions. In addition, many new jobs will be created. We also look forward to new investors. The project for the construction of a gambling zone is already completely ready, but the investor will remain incognito, as he does not want to fall under the sanctions, ”said the head of the Yalta administration.

The situation with the land plot was also commented on by the head of the department of the state committee for registration of the city of Yalta, Natalya Bibikova. According to the official, in 2014 this site was included in the list of nationalization. However, during the registration, a mistake was made quite by accident, after which in 2016 the land plot was registered as municipal property.

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