In China, the police neutralized a large organized criminal group that organized online gambling

In eastern China, law enforcement officers carried out a special operation involving more than 200 police officers, and detained 78 members of an organized criminal group who organized illegal online gambling. The turnover of funds in the organized criminal group was $ 18.5 million or 128 million yuan.
At the end of last year, the police in the city of Hefei in eastern China were reportedly contacted by a man who said that his brother had lost more than 300,000 yuan while playing the online game Zork for money. Investigating this case, law enforcement officers went to a large criminal group operating in three provinces at once. After that, a special operation was carried out, as a result of which the police detained 78 criminals.
It has already been established that members of a criminal group, in order to obtain illegal income, attracted citizens to gambling with the help of the Internet with a platform for live broadcasting of online games.

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