In Dnipro, casino guards beat visitors

On the evening of April 23 in Dnipro, employees of the security company "KROK" beat up visitors to a gambling establishment. The incident took place at the house number 38 on Bolshaya Dievskaya street. This is reported by the publication
According to the newspaper, several young people approached the gambling establishment and wanted to enter the premises in order to play, but the administrator of the gambling establishment said that only one visitor can enter the hall. After that, the company of young people had a conflict with the employees of the security company "KROK" who arrived at the call of the administrator, as a result of which two young guys with injuries of varying severity were hospitalized in the hospital.
One of the injured young people told his version of the incident. According to him, his friends on the street were beaten by several guards at once, and he, to distract attention to himself, threw a stone into the glass of the guards’ car. After that, one of the employees of the security company shot the guy in the back with a traumatic pistol. Now law enforcement officers are establishing all the details of this incident.

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