In Finland, a teenager in collusion with his parents cheated a casino

A month ago, the media reported that in Finland a 16-year-old teenager discovered a malfunction in the software of one of the gambling sites, but did not inform the operator about it, but was able to cancel the players’ requests for withdrawal of winnings, after which he redirected all this money to his account.

The details of this case have now emerged. According to the Finnish media, the Häme district court sentenced the teenager to 20 months probation, since at the time of his crimes in April – May last year, the teenager had not yet reached a minor.

Initially, the press reported that the teenager stole 250 thousand euros of winnings from other players from a gambling site. But then it became known that the court ordered the teenager to pay 132 thousand euros and pay 3 thousand euros for the operator’s expenses for lawyers.

In addition, for complicity, the court sentenced the teenager’s father to 5 months probation and ordered him to pay 14.5 thousand euros. The teenager’s mother received a two-month suspended sentence, she must pay 2,300 euros. In addition, in the course of the investigation, a motorcycle registered for a woman worth 5 thousand euros was seized, which was purchased with money stolen from the casino.

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