In Italy, a priest lost 500,000 euros in a casino

A priest from Mestre, a suburb of Venice, was brought to trial for spending 500,000 euros from a parish. It turned out that the church minister had lost the money in the casino.

Flavio Gobbo left the church where he served in October 2016. He left a letter to the parishioners, in which he motivated his decision with a desire to rest because of the accumulated fatigue. Later it was discovered that the priest had taken with him half a million euros from the bank account of the parish.

He dropped the cashier of the parish in the casino after losing all his money there.

Don Gobbo, who was suspended from service, pleaded guilty at the very beginning of the trial. He repented and referred to gambling addiction – addiction to gambling. The accused assisted the investigation as much as possible, telling in all details about where and when he let the parish money into the casino.

In order for Don Gobbo to be able to count on mitigation of punishment, the court ordered him to undergo treatment for gambling addiction. But the priest himself began the treatment even before that.

The verdict was passed last week. Gobbo was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 2 years and an obligation to pay the full amount of damages.

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