In Las Vegas, a tourist won a million dollars on the Wheel of Fortune in 1.5 hours

On Monday, December 24, before Catholic Christmas in the American Las Vegas, famous all over the world for its gambling establishments, a British tourist hit the jackpot, winning a million dollars.

According to the American media, a traveler from Britain came to Las Vegas to play in the famous casinos of this American city. From the very morning of December 24, the tourist opted for the popular Wheel of Fortune device.

The tourist was persistent in achieving her goal, she played on the Wheel of Fortune for almost 1.5 hours, making 960 revolutions during all this time and losing $ 4.8 thousand ($ 5 one turn). But on this day, luck still smiled at her. At the last turn of the wheel, the traveler hit the jackpot in the amount of $ 1 million 23 thousand 743.

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