In Latvia, income from gambling increased by 15%

In the first quarter of this year (January-March), the income of legal operators of the Latvian gambling market increased by more than 15%. This, with reference to the Inspectorate for Supervision of Lottery Draws and Money Games (IAUI), reports the
first quarter of 2018, the income of operators of the Latvian gambling sector amounted to 67 million 200 thousand euros. And in January-March this year, income from gambling in Latvia has already amounted to 77 million 500 thousand euros (+ 15.3%).
At the same time, operators of the Latvian gambling market received 56 million 400 thousand euros from slot machines (+ 12.6% compared to last year). And gambling tables (roulette and card games) brought operators a profit of only 3 million 900 thousand euros (+ 6.4%). According to the data in the report of the regulator, the online gaming sector in the country grew by more than 35% over the year.

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