In Switzerland, an unknown person won 20 thousand in a casino and donated them to an animal shelter

On Friday, August 2, an unknown person called an animal shelter in Basel, Switzerland and said that he would like to transfer a significant amount of money in the form of a donation to the animal shelter. According to the caller, the transfer of money was to take place at the Airport Hotel Basel, which houses the famous casino. This is reported by the edition.
According to the Basel Animal Welfare Fund, at first they thought it was just a joke, but nevertheless decided to go to a meeting. A man who did not want to introduce himself was waiting for the representative of the foundation near the hotel. The man gave the representative of the fund an envelope with the logo of the Airport Hotel Basel, which contained 20 bills of one thousand Swiss francs each (about 20 thousand dollars) and said that he and his sister made such a decision. A woman earlier from a shelter in Basel took a dog to her home and was amazed at the comfortable conditions created by the shelter staff for their pets.
The Basel Animal Welfare Fund suggests that the man won this large sum in a casino at the Airport Hotel Basel and thanks an anonymous donor for his generous donation and trust in them.

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