Spanish gambling workers are not delighted with the legalization of online gembling in the country

Online gembling rapid pace continues to develop and file more and more new expanses of our planet. Many countries considering the economic crisis specifically legalize the online game, hoping to replenish their budget. True, the rules for finding such a type of gambling business on the territory of any country are increasingly complicated and tightened.

Recently actively trying to legalize online gembling individual US states. No europe.

A difficult economic situation in Spain forced the authorities of the country to seriously think about such innovation. Since since 2008, the country cannot confidently stand on his feet. And the attempts of neighboring countries that have already adopted the Law on the legalization of gambling online business were crowned with success.

But on the way to adoption of the law, not only the public, but also owners, and workers of land casinos and gambling establishments. Representatives of the "terrestrial" gambling of Spain say that the adoption of such a law will lead to a reduction in jobs and dismissal more than 30,000 people. And since 2008, the gambling business of Spain and is already not in the best position and lost about 45,000 jobs.

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