History of slot machines

Slot machine – This is an apparatus installed in a casino and other gambling establishments for gambling for money. An important feature of any gaming machine is that the game takes place between the player and the car without the participation of representatives of the gambling establishment. To start playing, the player needs only to throw a coin into a special hole in the machine case and click on the "Start" button.
For their many years of history, slot machines changed repeatedly, there were many critics on them, they were forbidden and declared out of law, but they still enjoy great popularity.
Today to play slot machines can not even leaving home. In order to do this, you just need to go to the site online casino and choose the machine you like.

Where all all began

Slot-Machine (Slot-Machine) was called vending machines, due to a special hole on their housing designed to lower coins. Translated from English: Slot means "gap". The first slot machine that appeared in the Salons of the Wild West is considered a device called "Liberty Bell" – Bell Freedom. Invented him in 1895, an American of German origin Charles Fey, a company mechanic called "Electric Works Company" located in San Francisco, and produced electrical equipment and phones.
Charles Fay chickens with three discs, handle and a hole for receiving coins. The movement of the handle led to rotation at different speeds of three paveled disks. When the same pictures dropped out on these disks – the player received his win. The greatest amount of winnings could be obtained when dropping three bells. Any gain was initially less than bets, apparently this circumstance and the reason that the slot machine began to call the "one-handed gangster".

History of slot machines

However, "Liberty Bell", strictly speaking, was not the first slot machine. Automatic with five drums and ten cards at the time already existed (the device was developed in New York, Sitton and Pitt, in 1891), but it was Fay who managed to establish an automated payment system, changed the number of drums from five to three, and ten cards Replaced five symbols.
Replacing ten cards five characters and the use of three drums instead of five, made it possible to significantly reduce the complexity of calculating the winning combination, allowing the fairy to create a reliable and efficient automatic payment mechanism. For example, three bells in a row gave the maximum win – 10 coins of 50 cents. The Liberty Bell machine had a huge success and essentially gave rise to the prosperous industry mechanical slot machines.
Even when the use of these devices was prohibited in his state of California, Fay continued to install his devices by making them machines selling food. Food win pay allowed to bypass bans for gambling. Then the legendary lemons, plums, cherries and the inscriptions "Bar" appeared on slot machines.
The Liberty Bell machine was so popular that its copies began to make many manufacturers of slot machines. In 1907, Herbert Mills in Chicago created a new slot-machine called Bell. Already 1908, a large number of "Bell" -Mashin were installed in almost all cigar shops, bowlingings, brothels and hairdressers.

Second wave

The second wave of the popularity of slot machines has already occurred for the 40s of the last century, when they were used everywhere to be installed in the casino.

Initially, the slots were used only as "warming up" before playing poker. Playing in the slots at the minimum rate, visitors of the casino simply killed the time, waiting for the release of the room at the card table. However, the slots were in great demand, and they began to order in various designs and with different game characters. This gave a impetus for the development and global spread of slot machines. It is slots with cherries and lemons and obliged modern online machines. By the way, many online slot machines repeat the design and symbols of old slots.

Expansion continues

In 1963, Bally was released new and the only electromechanical gaming slot at that time, which was called "Money Honey". The electromechanical scheme made it possible to make the first slot machine with the ability to automatically give up to 500 coins without resorting to person. The popularity of this automaton led to a rapid replacement of mechanical devices for electromechanical.
In 1976, a video slot machine was introduced in the city of Kirney Mesa in California. In this slot, the machine inside a full-fledged computer was installed and a 19-inch Sony Trinitron TV, which performed and displayed all the functions of the slot machine. The first such machines were installed at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.
The first video slot machine in America, with the possibility of a bonus round had the name "Reel ‘EM IN" and was developed by WMS Industries in 1996. This type of car first appeared in Australia in 1994 with the game "Three Bag Full". In this type of machine, the display switches to another game where you can get an additional win or lose everything depending on the degree of your luck.

Slot machines online

Video slot machines were devices that practically prepared all the technologies of game machines to the transition to the Internet. The appearance of a computer, as the central system in the gaming machine predetermined the further development and transition of game technologies to the network, and now the ability to play slot machines without leaving the house no one is no longer surprising. Over the past decade, many new slot machines have been developed. This particularly promotes the explosive development of information technologies that have significantly expanded communication opportunities around the world.

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