The history of the first casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is associated with Azart. Even a child knows that this city is the world capital of games. However, few people know the history of the city before he became the "city of sins".

Now bright signs at every step in the city are an integral part of the area. But there was a time when in Vegas gambling were forbidden and surroundings were gray and boring. Before getting the image of the gambling capital, the gambling industry in this place had to survive many different periods.

What was the city without a casino

Long ago, this area belonged to Mexico, and the merchants called it. The name of the city means "fertile valleys". Then this place was considered an excellent vacation spot for traders.

Soon the United States took possession of this land. But then, gambling was popular in the city, despite the prohibition by the authorities. The legislation was assumed to punish, both for organizers and players. At the end of the 80s, the authorities legalized the game. Soon the city began to quickly remove. Then the city administration decided to create a whole area where entertainment establishments would be located, including the Borders, Casino and Cafe. However, the law allowed gambling, soon canceled. But this decision did not affect the prosperity of underground gambling establishments.

The first institution of Vegas Arizona Club was located in an unpretentious old building, which over time turned into a chic architectural structure. In 31, the government finally gave "green light" on the organization and conduct of gambling. Interestingly, then the gambling law placed on 6 pages, while current legislation is painted on more than 100 pages. Soon not far from the city began to build a huge structure. For construction, many workers were hired. And the workers need a good rest. It provoked another outbreak of gambling popularity.


20th century for entrepreneurs Vegas passed in the process of attracting tourists. "EL Rancho Vegas" became the first casino resort. Thomas Hull is considered his founder. It was opened in 41. The complex has the largest hotel in the city. The interior of the halls was in the style of the Wild West, while the facade reminded Spanish facilities. In addition to the hotel and casino, the complex was a huge pool, theater, cafe. You could also ride horses. After 3 years, the casino passed into the hands of the new owner. Soon his popularity has fallen sharply. However, when Mr. Cutlean seized them, the establishment again gained huge popularity. For this, the entrepreneur has put a lot of effort and finance.

Unfortunately, in the 60s the complex destroyed the fire. Almost all the halls were destroyed. Soon at this place built a motel. After 20 years, the building was demolished.


The history of the gambling capital of the world began long before the first casino in the city. Then merchants were entertained in this area. Looking at the prosperous gambling megalopolis now, it is hard to imagine that the first gambling institutions have opened with several game tables. The first gambling institutions "Arizona Club" and "Spruce Rancho Vegas" are indicative of the discoverers of Gambling Las Vegas. It is a pity that they have long been not on the famous Vegas Strip.

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