Changing the Rules for Gambling in Poland

Poland’s Parliament adopted a gambling law that will find power from April 01, 2017.

Both Chambers of Polish Parliament adopted the law significantly changing position in the local gambling industry. For the final approval of the law, it must be approved by the President of the State and published.

The most significant innovations in the rules:

• Legitimate are all kinds of games online. Previously, lotteries and rates were allowed, poker, online casino gaming machines, bingo;

• The entire online state sector is in the state monopoly, with the exception of licensed lottery services and betting by the Polish regulator;

• The state is the operator of the entire network of slot machines located outside the casino;

• restrictions on the Poker tournaments were partially removed – "live" tournaments are allowed outside the casino only with the condition of the availability of a license or after the notification of the authorities;

• Payment transactions and IP of illegal operators from July 1, 2017 will be blocked;

• Slot machines that work without registration or license are prohibited from April 1, 2017;

• Advertising bookmakers will be resolved after considering additional changes; Also provision of banking services in gaming halls and relevant sites is prohibited;

• Taxation of the subjects of the gambling industry, the law leaves the same, but perhaps and on this item will be further expected to be changed.

Polish operators working legally adopted by the law welcome, as it is believed that this law will improve the situation on the issue of competition.

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