Whether “gambling” will change after the arrival of the new government?

The Government of Saakashvili in Georgia has actively developed gambling business in the country. They considered the development of this industry will significantly replenish the treasury and will help in overcoming the economic crisis.

After the victory in the parliamentary elections of the opposition, many investors are interested in their attitude to gambling activities. In general, experts believe that the general course does not change, some clarifications are possible. Experts are confident that the position of Georgia is quite profitable, as it is surrounded by countries in which gambling are under full or partial ban. Foreigners from the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey make up most of customers already open establishments. While the members of the new government did not give an unequivocal response regarding their opinion on the development of gambling business in Georgia.

Now there are four casinos in Batumi: "Adjarab", "Grand Palace", "Peace" and "Iveria". At the end of 2011, the state treasury received income from gambling business equivalent to 7.3 million dollars. In Georgia, a single tax rate is introduced, which involves the absence of income tax for casino. Tax also not tax payments.

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