Japan is already being advised on how to prevent gambling addiction

Integrated casino resorts in Japan should be: the relevant law has already been adopted by the country’s authorities. And although not a single operator has yet been given a license, the first of such complexes may well open in 2020. But a dilemma appeared on the legislators’ agenda: how to prevent frequent cases of gambling addiction, which may become a problem in the foreseeable future?

In terms of the number of gambling addicts per bush of gambling population, Japan is one of the leading countries. Therefore, local authorities began to adopt the experience of their neighbors in order to ensure economic benefits for themselves and for users – proper protection from cases of abuse.

One of Japan’s advisers in this matter is Macau. It is there that one of the largest gambling markets is now located, and problems with gambling addiction first exacerbated for Macau in 2000. Then a law was introduced, according to which a gambling addict could be restricted from accessing a casino at the request of relatives.

But Kangwon Land in South Korea opened a rehabilitation center for gambling addicts. At the expense of the casino, you can undergo a proper course of treatment there and, moreover, get a job or study.

Melco Resorts in 2016 introduced a software face control system for persons previously convicted of gambling addiction. A visitor will not be able to enter the casino if the program through the camera recognizes him as a face from the corresponding database of people with gambling addiction.

The Japanese branch of Melco Resorts, in turn, announced a biometric system for such recognition.

Of course, the real scale of the problem of gambling addiction in Japan will be visible only after the opening of the resorts. The first results can be knocked out after six months of the full functioning of the casino.

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