How to cheat the slot machine

Most modern slot machines have a rather complex generator of random numbers, abbreviated – GSH. The algorithms of his work are incredibly complex and take into account not only the generation of numbers for winning / losing, but also imply the use of psychological impact on the player. These techniques are pretty effective. Constant voltage and waiting for the result, makes the player make stupid errors, thereby bringing his loss. It happens that as soon as the player lowers the bet, "suddenly" the automatic starts to give out winning combinations, but it is worth only to increase the bid, as this "luck" immediately stops and the player loses even more. The frequency of repetitions of such actions can withdraw from equilibrium. All these "randomness" – "cunning" plan for generator random numbers.

How to cheat the slot machine?

At first glance, everything looks pretty sad. GSH is incredibly complicated and "heter", to deceive it or understand the principle of operation is almost impossible. The slot machine offers its terms of the game with the "Power Position". The player gets the "position of weakness".
But how it is not paradoxically in weakness, too, there is power. Knowing what GSH is a "virtuoso player psychological techniques" we get one of the secrets of the gaming machine, which is concluded in the following: GSH will add more excitement to the game, "epic" winnings and incredible lesions. This secret of the slot machine uses the "Darment" strategy.
The essence of this technology game in slot machines online is concluded in the "Gifts" of a certain amount of loans by the machine. To do this, the first rate must be maximum, the number of lines 3 and more. If after the first coup drum you won’t take money. This is the most favorable option when the gaming machine makes the "gift" first.
But this will happen infrequently. Most likely the machine "swallows" your bet. After that, it is necessary to reduce the bet 2 times. If again, there is no result – reduce another 2 times, and then more. "Seeing" that the player "leaves" from large ghp rates, as a rule, launches the "Holding" algorithm. And you can only keep the player with my favor, t.E. a gift that your electronic opponent will immediately give you. Sometimes as an advance, the machine issues a good amount. Naturally "counting on" that the player on the wave of excitement or greed will lose his head and starts "give" gifts to him similar first rates.

So how to deceive the slot machine?

Modestly take an advance and remove.

After all, all these psychological techniques are designed for a conventional man in the street, we, knowing the secret of the slot machine, can take advantage of this and Follow the gaming machine.

However, if after 4-5 coup "gift" still no, there is a dangerous, but not "deadly" situation. Need to go to a minimum rate and play as if nothing has happened. In most cases, the gaming machine will issue a bonus, or thanks to a small periodic winnings you will cover / almost cover the loss.

Approximate betting table:

1 – 100
2 – 50
3 – 25
4 – 10
5 – 5
6 … – Minimum

As you can see, you can deceive the slot machine, because any program creates a person. Consequently, such a device will work on the basis of human observations and conclusions, and to deceive a person quite real.

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