As operators convert land-based casinos to virtual clients

The modern world makes its own rules. Now operators to provide more convenient services in online mode. How they attract customers to the online platform, see below.

In addition to the move to online casinos, gamblers began en masse to get involved in mobile games. Why the popularity of virtual game segment grew rapidly? All is in the user’s employment. Modern man – constantly busy man. And get quality rest for it is very difficult. But with virtual games saves time, but no quality is lost. What are the needs of a modern user, see below.

What does statistics

According to the analytical data online segment significantly ahead of the ground. But this does not mean that the land gambling establishments remained of his client or they have nothing to surprise. Still, access to the Internet is at everyone, mobile development became easier and more accessible, so the popularity of virtual games logical. But the operator will still need to come up with a plan that will help keep customers.

The average time a user spends on the Internet – 6 hours. Thais winners in this race – they spend more than 9 hours on the Internet. In social networks are most accustomed to sit Filipinos.

According to the survey conducted by the firm IWS, use the Internet more than half the world’s inhabitants. Each year, this figure increased by 7%. In social networks account for about 2, 4 billion people, and smartphones have more than 5 billion people.

But the popularity of the Internet is not distributed evenly throughout the planet. The greatest number of users is in developed states. The worse the economy of the country, the Internet users less.

According to forecasts, players who use mobile applications will spend about 120 billion dollars. Mobile games are most popular in the game segment. Mobile game product is promoted by advertising.

How to hold the user

Gambling industry develops due to modern innovations and users.

To keep the user in the online casino, the operator will first have to create an atmosphere as a traditional landing gambling establishment. And this is very difficult to do. After all, it will have to create a unique atmospheric, which is able to convey the culture of the game. This is achieved with the help of modern video and graphic effects. Also enjoys the popularity of Live casino, which is very approximate to the ground-based institution.

To understand which way to move the operator, he must take into account the culture and features of local residents. Perhaps in a certain jurisdiction, the emphasis will be made to a certain kind of gembling or various options for bonuses will be offered, and T.D.

All users, be an advanced or newcomers, appreciate the simplicity in applications and sites. So that the application is popular, it should simply download and have an understandable interface. No qualities for the player. He must guide the site or an intuitive application.

Gambling is first of all entertainment, but many have a goal to earn. Therefore, the operator must provide the most convenient conditions for the output of money.

The operator must provide the opportunity for players to communicate with each other. Create such a circle for interest. This can be done using a shared chat or binding to the social network.


How successful will be successful, will depend on the extent to which it meets the requirements of the modern user and market. The game segment to promote in the online segment Development of technologies so contributed, but the operator should in any case make efforts to keep your user. To keep the user, the operator is necessary:

  • Take into account the cultural features of the region;
  • Make the most convenient interface;
  • Provide convenient output of winning;
  • Enable players to communicate with each other.

Rate modernity and promotion of our online casino playing slot machines.

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