How to distinguish original slots from fake

Licensed slot machines – This is the guarantee of pleasure from the game, guaranteeing the winnings and the ability to bring all honestly earned prizes. Original Slots from Honest Developers have a strictly controlled GCM and are found only on licensed sites. Fake game online machines Often are configured to "hide" customers and enrich not clean on hand owners of unlicensed software products.
How to insure from such a trap? In this article we will give tips, the use of which will help protect themselves and insure against the game on fake slots.

Licensed game online machines

Both on the electronics market and user software there are leaders and in the sphere of gaming software there are leading developers whose names are known, and products deserve complete trust. We are talking about such companies, such as: Shangrila Gonzo’s Quest automatic machine from NETENT. As can be seen on the screen, the server corresponds to the developer – *.Casinomodule.Com.

How to distinguish original slots from fake

Attention! Not always a browser or a specific game allow you to call Adobe Flash Player settings by pressing the right mouse button. Do not be afraid if you did not work. So, just this method of looking for fake slot machines does not suit you. And it is worth moving to one of the following.

View Freame Information.

If the text menu of this type falls on the right click, as depicted as a picture, then the server data can be checked according to the framework of the frame.

How to distinguish original slots from fake

Pressing the "Information about the frame", you will see a window with the information in which the control server will be specified. His name is in the "Address" line, as is displayed in the screenshot below. And in the "Title" field displays the name of the slot machine.
In this case, for the Gonzo’s Quest machine from Netent, we see the server address *.Casinomodule.COM, which meets the official data of the developer.

How to distinguish original slots from fake

Attention! Your browser may not have in the menu item "Frame Information", it is also not scary. In this case, we go to another way to search for information about the control server of the slot machine.

Select in the "View code" settings.

If the properties of Adobe Flash Player do not have sections described in paragraphs 1 and 2, then you need to select the "View code" option. It will be available in any browser.

How to distinguish original slots from fake

This method is somewhat more complicated, as you have to check the address of the server manually. So, knowing the developer, just call the search by the combination of "Ctrl + F" and enter the address of the domain in the window appeared.
We for Gonzo’s Quest from NETENT entered in the search string "Casinomodule.COM ». Since the online Casino Shangrila uses licensed slot machines, in the page code we found data on the control server. That’s how it looks in the screenshot.

How to distinguish original slots from fake

Checking server slot machines on HTML5

If online machines do not work on Flash, but on HTML5, it is convenient to use the Mozilla Firefox browser for verification. After starting the slot, you need to click on the right mouse button on the screen, select "Explore the item", and in the window that appears below the window page – item "Network". Now you need to turn the drum and view requests to the server in the domain column. The address of the server, to which the database of the slot is drawn, must coincide with the original.

Be careful, checking the addresses, the coincidence should each symbol. Not so long ago, the network acted fraudsters who used the Casinomodul domain.COM, that is, just one letter different from the original NETENT. Looking a glimpse, even the responsible players checking the originality of the slots in the new casino, mistaken and lost money.

Be sure to use our advice, playing in unfamiliar casino, so as not to lose money and do not spoil yourself. But better do not risk and play only in the online Shangrila casino, the honesty of which is guaranteed and confirmed documented.

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