What innovations expect virtual casinos in the near future

Everyone knows that every year in the world undergo various conferences, where experts are discussing the possible development of an online casino. In fact, the consideration shall be made a lot of ideas, but only a small portion is close to the actual execution. Consider the most interesting possible innovations.

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Many entrepreneurs are concerned about the appearance of a large number of scammers in the gambling sphere. For example, last year, fraudsters managed to nourish as much as 120 million dollars.

Neuralette will come to the rescue. Their effectiveness is already clearly proven in China and Japan. This is the essence: many different behavioral scripts and a fraudster will be introduced into the database. If something is suspicious even at the initial level of registration, then the user will be immediately blocked.

Therefore, many regular players in online casinos already have their own statuses, which allows them to use the multitude of privileges, for example, the size of the simultaneous output can be several times more. For regular players, promotions are held and there are bonus promotions.

To strengthen the long-established scheme, it is planned to introduce such a "machine mind".

Another innovation can be called an account control system. The system takes into account the initial behavior of the player and all changes in his decision. If changes in smooth, then the system is simply adjusted to change. But if the changes are sharp and radical, then the player threatens the restriction on financial service wallet. This is quite good innovation for a player, because if he cannot stop and starts to spend money, then the system will stop his restriction. When the player cools, it will be very grateful for such a "stop".

Another good idea is the introduction of ratings in online casino. So, under each slot, the player will see the updated percentage of its return, all its parameters, the number and size of the winnings. But this idea will be difficult to implement due to the disagreements of providers.

The most difficult idea is the introduction of RTP. It will allow the player to familiarize himself with the truthful data of the slots. So the player will choose the best Slot machines. Gamer himself may choose the necessary parameters for it and see the final result of the return rating. Of course, no one has canceled deviations. But it will meet quite rarely. It all depends on the sample of the parameters and functions of the machine.

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