Great people were interested in gambling

Many people call gambling meaningless occupation, which takes only time and money. However, risk, excitement and adventurism at one time played a key role in the establishment of important aspects of civilization. Many great people were fond of gambling and have not seen anything bad in this lesson.


Aristotle was interested in various teachings, and his works influenced many sciences. In the time of Aristotle popular was the game in the bone. He watched his friends, who are struggling want to show a winning combination. And he decided to approach the issue from the bones of Science. Aristotle, however, the conclusions made disappointing. Pupil Plato was able to prove that one and the combination often can not fall.

In his next work, where he describes the principles of the game of dice, a scholar well-painted role of chance. Fans of gambling can find there some practical advice.


Famous mathematician Pascal in his time became interested in probability theory. It spodvig his fellow players. Getting scholar also appealed to the dice. Looking at his colleague, many scientists have decided to thoroughly examine this concept and many describe their observations in their own treatises. Pascal also went further and thorough study of the theory created a wheel with numbered cylinders. It is a wheel and was the first tape. But it has gained popularity among the players after the scientist’s death.


Writer Dostoevsky is very fond of the casino. It is thanks to his passion for the world saw the greatest of his work "The Gambler". Writer met with gambling in Germany, where to go to be treated for epilepsy. There he immediately won a large sum at roulette. But he was unable to stop in time and pulled all of his winnings. After the first acquaintance writer possessed a passion for gambling. He even displays own strategy and rules. However, they did not bring success to the player in the roulette. Dostoevsky once lost a very large amount. The owner of the casino had to close the debtor under house arrest as long as he does not fully pay the debt. His friends helped repay. In return for this, he promised to write a new book, "The Gambler". Work appeared for 26 days, and the woman who helped the writer of the product, became his wife.


Former US president Nixon loved to play poker. He became interested in the game during the Second World. Then half of his income he spent on his new hobby. Nixon managed to earn good money on this game. And he spent his whole income for promotion to Congress. Thanks to his game skills, Nixon managed to become the President of the United States and significantly affect history. He could correctly appreciate opponents in seconds and never gave himself to his nose.

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