Kazakh officer said he was “dragging out a friend” at the casino

Ayan Duisembayev, head of the Atyrau Oblast Department of Internal Affairs, was previously condemned by the public for being captured on video from a casino playing for large sums of money.

Commenting on the events of 2014 from that very scandalous video, Duisembaev did not deny the fact that it was he who was filmed playing in a Minsk casino. The officer says that he ended up there at the suggestion of his friend Mahmud Meraliev. Initially, the men were vacationing in Turkey when Meraliev received an invitation from one of his friends to fly to Minsk. Further, according to Duisembaev, Meraliev went to play in a casino. The officer himself was at the hotel at that time, and later went to the same casino at the request of Meraliev’s wife. The allegedly drunken friend of the officer was in an inadequate state of intoxication and had to be taken away. Duisembaev emphasizes that he played in the casino at the request of this friend, since he did not want to leave the casino without making more bets. Meraliev himself could not make them, since the casino employees simply did not accept them with an eye on the state of the visitor.

Then Duisembayev really made 2 bets in the casino, however, he emphasized that the figure of the winnings was $ 100 thousand, and not millions, as the public opinion attributed to him. As an argument, the officer cites a statement that with millions of winnings, the comrades could not freely cross the border.

An inspection by the Ministry of Internal Affairs showed that the bets were indeed made on Meraliev’s funds. Money was transferred from a card opened in his name.

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