Kazakhstan introduces amendments to gambling law

Kazakhstan introduces amendments to the gambling law [ZEBR_TAG_ / h1>

The Parliament of Kazakhstan has begun work on the draft amendments to the laws on the gambling business in the Republic, which provides for a number of important amendments. According to Gulmira Bergenova, executive director of the Association of Betting and Lottery Business of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the gambling business in Kazakhstan will undergo some significant changes in the near future.

“Now the main task for the deputies of the Parliament of Kazakhstan is to consider the issue of creating gambling zones in the Republic, where operators who have received licenses will legally work and pay taxes to the budget. Also, the project, developed during the whole last year, is proposed to ban acceptance of bets on non-sporting events in Kazakhstan, ”Bergenova said.

In addition, Kazakh parliamentarians should discuss the creation of a special program in the country, according to which local residents can independently add themselves to the list of banning visits to gambling establishments. Such programs successfully work in almost all countries where the gambling industry is developed, saving people from gambling addiction.

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