Trump Taj Mahal casino will soon close

Trump Taj Mahal Casino, located in the city of Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, will close before the fall of this year, declared the owners of the resort. The decision on closing was made due to the continuous strike of the workers’ trade union due to low wages and high medical insurance costs. Named the eighth miracle of the world during his opening quarter of a century ago, the Casino Trump Taj Mahal closes due to numerous bankruptcies and the longest trade union strike in the history of Atlantic City.

Tony Rodio, Executive Director of Tropicana Entertainment Inc:

"TAJ and ICAHN Enterprises advances simply cannot continue to lose money, while the union alone prevents any possibility of restoring profitability."

Casino belonged to Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, but he lost his share in the bankruptcy process, at the moment the owner is Icahn Enterprises, headed by Carl Aikan.

Bob McDeavitt, President Unite Here Local 54, which represents almost 1,100 casino workers, which, as a result, the closing of the institution will lose their work, calls it an attempt to ignite the new working strike.

Taj Mahal will be the fifth casino, which closed in Atlantic City from 2014. Two years ago City Gambling industry suffered losses after closing Casino Showboat Casino Hotel August 31, Casino Revel – September 2 and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino on September 16th. Atlantic Club Casino was closed at the beginning of this year, as a result of which 1600 people lost their jobs.

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