Casino in Mississippi presented for 75 million. US dollars

Mississippi Casino is currently faced with a large multi-million account, after the federal judge refused to reject the claim from the native person who died in a casino. The incident occurred in August 2009, IP Resort Casino & SPA in Blocks. Subsequently, a lawsuit was filed in the amount of 75 million. US dollars in 2012.

Victim, Brian Lee Glenn – a 30-year-old man who took a lot of painkillers and anti-stress drugs for the treatment of a disease that arose an ambassador of the 2004 automotive catastrophe. As a result of the accident, man got a cranial injury. And in 2007 another accident occurred, which led to damage to the back.

While the incident occurred in the casino of slot machines, Brian received a check for 15 thousand. Dollars from the previous settlement of the claim, and at the IP Resort Casino Bar & SPA ordered two drinks and put 1 thousand on the tote. dollars. According to Bryan’s relatives, when he was already drunk enough, they asked no longer to serve him, to which the casino administrator replied that the man was adult and could decide for himself.

A friend Glenna managed to convince him to leave the casino. In the next Briah dealer said: "Don’t you get back and play?".

Glenn returned and continued to play gambling and drink. Later he went to his room at the hotel, where it was found to be dead. He was on the floor of his bathroom.

Now the casino is accused of continuing to sell a man’s alcohol, who was already drunk enough.

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