Casino Venice. The oldest casino on the water

Last year Casino di Venezia celebrated its 380 birthday. But if you believe the documents, this institution opened only in 1959. Although this is the only casino that inherited the tradition of "Ridotto". "Ridotto" – the first European gaming institution.

It could be said that this is the oldest ground casino, but in this statement there is a mistake: the casino is not on the ground, but on the water.

Ridotto began to take first visitors in 1638. Now this is a wonderful establishment, in which medieval style with modern, and which also takes hembolle.

History of casino creation

Ordered the construction of "Casino Venice" Italian Andrea Loredano. Architect who worked on the project of the building, created the History Tower of St. Mark. However, the architect has died prematurely, and brought the case to the end of Bottega Dei Lombardo. Building construction ended in 1509. Architects used two styles – classic and gothic.

In 80 years, the palace passed the possession of Wittor Caleriazhi. And the palace renamed the honor of the new owner. This building was home to royal families. Then it joined the church of St. Moses. And already in 1638, on the first floor of the palace opened the game zone "Ridotto". Only the highest layers of society could get there.

In 1774, the gambling institution had to close. And soon the owner of the building changed again. In 1858, the German composer Wagner began to live in the palace. He died in 1883.

In 1946, the entire building passes into the ownership of the municipality. And already in 1959, the "Casino of Venice" was opened on the site "Ridotto".

Casino Divenezia. Our days

Located the most old European casino on the banks of the Big Channel. You can get there on water taxi or on the gondola. Get into casinos may be dressed up with adult gemblings.

Entrance casino paid and costs 5 euros. And for 10 euros, the visitor can get into a casino and get a game chip at the checkup. In addition to the casino in the palace there is an Italian restaurant and the Wagner Museum.

In this gambling institution, as in a popular online casino, a visitor can find a variety of games. It is presented: Roulette, different types of baccasters, poker, blackjack, various Slot machines. Guests of the establishment can fully enjoy modern slots with automated control and touch screens.

In this place on an ongoing basis, large-scale card tournaments are held. Popular movies are often held in the palace. All attracts the extraordinary beauty of the building, ancient decor, crystal chandeliers and sophisticated paintings.

Several facts about casino

"Casino Venice" has 2 buildings: one is located on an old Venetian street, second – near Marco Polo Airport. The last institution opened in 1990. This is the first Italian casino that offers visitors to play American gambling.

In the casino there is a strict dress code: men are required to be in jackets, and women in strict or classic dresses.

About 600 slot machines are located in the casino. General Jack-Pot of the institution is more than 3 million euros. In addition to chips for 5,10,20 and 50 euros, players can buy chips for 10 and 20 thousand euros.

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