Commission on gambling held a survey among young people

The British Gambling Commission published the results of the survey "Youth and Gambling" 2019, which addresses and describes the trends of young people in the field of gambling aged 11-16 years in the UK.

Over the past two years, the commission on gambling has changed the methodology to make data even more reliable. The review considers those forms of gambling, in which young people take part, as well as the demand for different game products with age limit.

The results show that 11% of 11-16-year-olds who participated in the survey, they say they spent their own money for gambling over the past seven days, compared with 14% in 2018. The most common type of gambling, in which young people take part are private rates for money, for example, with friends (5%), while 3% play cards with friends for money.

The study conducted by IPSOS MORI also shows that 3% of young people buy National Lottery tickets for the last seven days, and 4% say that in the last seven days they played slot machines.

Tim Miller, Executive Director of the Commission on Games, commented:

"This report analyzes three factors. Interaction of children and youth with gambling: gambling, in which young people are allowed to participate by law, gambling with restriction by age and gambling styles. Any young man who has harm in these areas causes us anxiety, and we are ready to go on a lot to protect them from harm.

Most of the gaming games referred to in this report is as permitted by law, but the Commission must continue to work on the fact that children and young people do not have access to products with age limit. Where operators could not protect youth, we have the right to influence, and we will take decisive actions. This year we tightened the rules and requirements for the audit of age and established restrictions.

For some time we raised awareness of a possible risk associated with gambling online casino. Despite the fact that we have no regulatory control in this area, we are actively interacting with the game industry and social networking platforms to look for ways to protect children and young people.

Protection of children and young people is the collective responsibility of all online casinos and requires us and other regulators, governments, gambling operators, charitable organizations, teachers and parents to work together to achieve progress ".

Earlier this month, the head of the Nile Nile MacArtur commission, the head of the Nile Makurtur, expressed the clear expectations of the gambling industry that, as he expects, online casinos will use data to avoid targeted advertising oriented on young and vulnerable people.

As part of working on a national strategy to reduce harm from gambling, the commission on gambling is developing a number of educational and preventive programs to protect children and young people. These include partnerships with GambleaWare and Parentzone, which offer support to parents and guardians to help them solve problems associated with gambling.

Last year, the Gambling Commission appealed to action to the online casino, after the reports have shown that children received access to slot machines 18+. Last week, the commission on gambling once again called for the gambling industry to take more stringent measures to protect children under 18 from the game of fruit slot machines in ground facilities.

Summary of the main reports of the report

  • 7% of young people stated that ever played gambling online.
  • 5% of children aged 11 to 16 people say they participated in the state lottery and / or other gambling, using the account of their parents, with their permission.
  • 12% of children aged 11 to 16 years old are saying that they were playing gaming online games, in particular slot machines.
  • 47% of those who played gambling online did it through the application.
  • 69% of children aged 11 to 16 years old say that they have seen or heard advertising gambling, and 83% of them said that it did not prompted them to play gambling.
  • 23% of children aged 11-16 say that their parents establish rules for gambling.

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