Planzer LAW is announced by the sponsor on EGC2019 in Milan

European law firm specializing in gaming, entertainment and online business, sponsor EGC2019 Milan.

European Game Congress (EGC) will be held on November 8 at Radisson Blu Hotel Milan and will collect 125 leading experts who can use the links that they installed during the event.

The second conference also records unprecedented interest from the industry and previously approved 9 sponsors.

Among the respected sponsors, the event is to be a great honor to announce the support of Planzer LAW as a European regulatory sponsor. Dr. Simon Plotzer will take part from their team on this important event for the industry.

Zoltov Tundik, head of the European Gaming Media and Events Department, commented:

"The European Game Congress is the last stop in the calendar of the events of this year, organized by our team, and we are pleased to announce that the conference will be supported by Planzer LAW as a European regulatory sponsor. As can be seen from the previous news, we had support throughout 2019, and we are glad to see the commitment of such an energetic and important law firm from the region. The European Game Congress is a conference that we organized in order to cover new jurisdictions and transfer our experience and high-quality networking and training in a boutique style in more distant places. We are glad that we have such a partner with which we can go together to new achievements.

It’s nice to continue to support the conference series, this time on the European Game Congress. In particular, we look forward to speeches on the DACH panels and conversations in the format we introduced in a series of conferences to provide valuable regulatory reflections and ideas for the audience.

We are glad to see that the organizers have chosen another remarkable destination in Milan. Given their dedication and hard work, we do not doubt that they will be able to include the European Gaming Congress among the annual events that they must visit in the Igaming calendar, as they do it with their other no less important events, "said Dr. Simon, Partner and founder in Planzer LAW.

About Planzer Law

PLANZER LAW is a law firm specializing in games, entertainment Online casino. The team, in particular, provides strategic, regulatory and legal advice on all issues related to the regulation of gambling business Online casino In the EU / EEZ and Switzerland, as well as with the development of business in new markets. Customers benefit from unsurpassed global network and highly specialized experience.

Dr. Simon Planzer Law, Dr. Simon Planzer LAW, received confession from Chambers & Partners, standing out against the background of other professionals of other companies as an expert on world gaming law. Customers and firms in many areas of practice and geography trust the studies of Chambers for almost 30 years. Dr. Simon Planzer, founder of Planzer LAW, was recognized as "Excellent" and "Best Swiss Lawyer" in the field of online games. Earlier this year, Planzer LAW was among the finalists in the nomination "Best European Regulatory Law Firm of the Year" on Global Regulatory Awards 2019, organized by Gambling Compliance.

About european Gaming Media and Events

EUROPEAN GAMING MEDIA AND EVENTS – A leading company for organizing events in the field of media and online games in Europe, which conducts such outstanding conferences in the region as CEEGC (Central and Eastern European Game Conference), CEEG (Gaming Awards for Central and Eastern Europe), Prague Game Summit, EGC (European Game Congress), Vige (Vienna International Game Exhibition).

The company is responsible for organizing boutique game events aimed at attracting internal information from leading game experts in the European Union and beyond. They cover most European regions by international events, serve the local and global industry, optimize network capabilities and discusses the hottest topics of the industry.

The directions of events in 2019 will include further expansion, in their desire – to enter the Western European region and share here with their experiences for local gaming events.

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