Compensation for the victims of “Black Friday” or 6 years later

Day April 15, 2011 became the "black day" for the largest players in the poker market Fulltilt, PokerStars, UltimateBet Poker and Absolute Poker, blocked US FBIs, and the players’ balances were frozen. The basis for FBI actions was accusations of illegal activities of companies. In the US, there was a ban on online bets, which formally provides for the game in Slot machines In the casino and poker game online, in which they receive and pay funds.

After six years, the affected subscribers got a chance to return lost funds. Payments plan frozen in Absolute Poker Ultimate Bet funds, players have been published in April.

Applicants who confirmed their balance in Absolute Poker Ultimate Bet for a term until June 9, 2017 will receive compensation in the first stage of payments approved by Mlars (Department of Washing and Recreation of Assets). Total is planned to pay a total amount of compensation $ 33.5 million. $ 7,400 subscribers.

GCG (Garden City Group) – a company that will make money transactions will send notifications to all subscribers whom has been approved, with notification of the amount and method of compensation.

Poker thematic forums are actively discussing a pleasant news. But many subscribers do not even remember their amounts on the balance sheet, so they should remember old passwords and check the account.

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