The concept of changes in the legislative framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding gembling in the country

July 2017 became significant for the gloomy world of Kazakhstan: this month was made public a bill in which significant changes in the sphere of gembling in the country. And although this is not yet an approved document, there is a high probability that this bill will approve. It is assumed that serious changes will affect the gambling zones, bookmakers and, of course, institutions that provide clients slot machines.

BCs are most modified: in the draft law it is proposed to list compulsory contributions to support sports, the change will affect and the procedures for re-licensing. Pour prisoners outside the game zones will be prohibited, and the rate of accounting will also be created. As for halls with slot machines, there are plans to transfer all the halls in the casino in the territory of the gambling zones. The activities of the bookmaker’s office are also offered to transfer to gambling zones, given the lack of providing in the appropriate form of the safety of citizens in the current situation: continues to increase the number of crimes related to this sphere.

It is expected to establish a ban on drinking alcoholic beverages in the rooms that will provide customer rates. In the future, the ban and advertising of foreign BC will be subjected to advertising on the Internet. Failure to comply with the points of the draft law will lead to an attraction to administrative responsibility.

Changes will affect the rates themselves: it will be possible to put money solely on a sporting event. Totatizers will oblige rates only on horseback races conducted in the country.

5% of the amount of casino’s net income and 5% of the amount, which is determined by the difference between the amount of rates by the client and paid to them the winnings for the BC – such amounts were invited to deduct to the development of sports once a year and quarterly, respectively.

Center for accounting, which offered to create, will make sure to determine the turnover of the BC industry. The base in which all information on customers will be collected, their betting and other operations will increase measures to combat money laundering, and also contributes to universal declaration.

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