Conference “VR / AR Gambling Conference” in 2017.

This year, the world-famous conference will be held in the capital of the Czech Republic, which allows you to exchange experience and ideas for creating and implementing technologies in online gambling. The event is scheduled for the third of April.

The conference "VR | AR Gambling Conference" will include two directions:

1) Developer. This branch is suitable for people engaged in innovative online casino and gambling.

2) Business. From the title immediately it becomes clear that this stream is suitable for participants who arrived at the conference to conclude contracts, as well as to look after new technologies for their companies.

Operators and marketers from all over the world will be able to try out new developments. This is possible thanks to a separate part of the meeting "Networking Demo Zone". Zone that allows you to clearly demonstrate certain innovations in the sphere of slot machines. All guests of the event can feel like players as already created projects (for example, VR-Casino), as well as familiarize themselves with future new products, products "Vr" and "AR".

The main speakers at the conference "VR / AR Gambling Conference" will be:

– Samuel Haber, general director "Advir". In his report, he will define the influence of an immeless media revolution, namely, as VR and AR change the advertising paradigm.

– Conrad Gill, Founder of the Company "Viasys". The speaker will tell the audience about the virtual reality and future gaming convergence.

Also among the speakers will be well-known leaders of online gembling from the USA, Germany, Malta and other countries.

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