“King Spam” Raja

Few gambling players do not know Scott Richter. This is the person who managed to lose a decent state due to spam mailing, create his own channel on Yutub, dedicated to gambling entertainment, collect a large army of fans and enter the 50-ku of the best marketers. Scott Richter, he Raja, he and Big Jackpot wrote a book in which he gives advice, how to make money on YouTube.

Dating Raji with gambling

In 2003, the famous blogger headed the company for spam. Most often, the company advertised playing cards. Thanks to advertising, the company sold more than 40 thousand degrees of cards before the official release of maps to the world market. Because of this resonant event, Raju was called "King Spam".

But after 3 years, the company Raji paid Microsoft $ 7 million by court decision. And after a few years, Richter returned 6 million dollars by MySpace. Richter changed the name of his marketing company, and continued to look for a way to make money on spam. But in 2013, Scott still had to complete the spam, since a major client refused to cooperate with him.

After 2 years, Richter launched his channel on Yutub dedicated to gambling. Thanks to its previous experience, the man quickly promoted his new project. And after 4 years, the channel "King Spam" becomes interesting to more than 130 thousand spectators.

What attracts the Raji Canal

Raja works with his own team with which he travels throughout America. Mostly the team removes the game in the slots. Raja never puts small amounts. He easily can spend one slot one thousand dollars. Blogger often makes Live broadcast. New videos come out at least 1 time in 7 days. Richter has no special preferences on the slots. The main thing is that the machine is distinguished by bonus politics. Scott does not forget to share with the subscribers with its winnings and reviews for new online casino.

In addition to YouTube Channel, Richter has an account in Instagram and other social networks. Also blogger is actively engaged in the development of his site. On the personal site of Raji, you can read information about the release of the new video, about various travel of your team. On the site there is information about what casino will be filmed the following video.

Also Richter sells things with their logo.

Just a hobby or something more?

In the header of the Raja channel, information is indicated that he just loves to play the casino, and wants to share his experience with others. He himself says that he created his blog because he wants to make money on what he likes. Namely on the game in slots.

However, some gemblings are confident that the canal on YouTube is another attempt to grab a big kush. Participants in the game community argue that Scott still trade with email addresses. Although bad glory plays Richtera on hand: many people are ready to give a thousand dollars for T-shirt from The Big Jackpot with an autograph and for the deck of cards.

Another occupation of Richter

Many ill-wishers do not interfere with Scott develop in other directions. Richter is the author on the EntrePreneur online resource. He writes about trends in marketing and gives information about how to develop your own business.

Scott and his team developed a mobile application. Through it, you can go to the Richter website, view all the broadcasts of its channel, visit the brand store. Subscribers get the opportunity to buy figures of the blogger and his team and take part in various draws.

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