Queen Bakkara

Gambling are gaining momentum not only among gamers, but also in the world of cinema. Many directors for their future paintings take the topic of gembling, and the poker game is especially popular. The next to the universal review will be the picture "Queen Bakkara". In this film, it will be about the girl Chen Yin Sun, whom all players know how to queen Bakkara.

The film crew was guided by the work of Bakkar Machine, the author of which thoroughly described all the methods and schemes of Kelly’s work, which helped her to win huge amounts of money from casino.

The girl has her gaming life started quite hope. At first she lost big. She lost all her inheritance left by the Father. There is information that Gaymersha left about $ 20 million in gambling establishments. After a number of large losses, the girl decided "from and to" to study all the subtleties of the poker game.

So she became the Master of the Method "EJ SERTING". The essence of this method is to distinguish the map on the asymmetricity of the drawing on the shirt. After all, the deck of cards of different release has differences. But it can only be noticed professionals. For example, they will immediately see "extra" cards in a new deck. With their partners, and it were her friends, and famous Ivi, they masterfully sorted cards. Time and sophistication for it can go a lot. But the winning is worth. A pair of partners requested the dealer to lay cards on a specific method. The further the case was moved with sorting, the more raised the rate. Thus, the colleagues managed to beat not one casino. All players remember the loud proceedings in the case of Casino "Crocfords", "Borgata", "Foxvobs". Casino owners "Borgata" won the case and players obliged to return the winnings and cover all losses related to the court. "Crocfords" refused to pay the winnings, and the court became on their side. Although the judge believed in the honesty of the players and counted the ex-sergeant legitimate. The verdict of the judge during the case with Foxwoods states that the casino of the representative of the Indian tribes wears the status of inviolability and it is impossible to blame.

In addition to these high-profile cases, the ex-sector masters do not complain. Can this method be considered dishonest? Perhaps. However, you can definitely say to master them, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Get certain skills very difficult.

All these stories can get into the film. The film crew assures that the film will be interesting not only to professional gembrellas, but also ordinary people.

You can enjoy the game, not even cycling material benefits. This can be seen by visiting the online casino and choosing the best Slot machines.

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