Where the winnings go?

Last year, young people from the United Kingdom won in the popular Euromillions 4 million lottery. pounds. And only now it became known that newlyweds are going to build a house.

Matt and Casey Topham decided to build a modern house using the latest technology. There are many hidden and counted premises in the house. For example, the garage they plan to hide behind the waterfall. In addition, the house plan to place a few bedrooms, swimming pool and winter garden. The estimated cost of such a project is estimated at 5 million. pounds.

Spouses themselves say that they have long dreamed of living in nature, away from the city noise and bustle.

After receiving such a big win, and Matt and Casey were not "deprived" by the attention of others. Everyone was very interested in the fate of won million. There were even a few attempts to rob the current housing of lucky.

Having received such a huge Jack Pope, the spouses presented about one and a half million to his best friend, which was able to pay off the debts and go on a trip.

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