Curious events in the gambling world for October 2016

In the world of gambling, a person can get rich or lose a whole condition, but without azart in the blood live is boring. The events that occurred in October of this year in the gambling world did not exception. There were those who presented their heroes a significant amount of money, but they also met sad.

Let’s start, perhaps, with good:

Paddy Power (British Bookmaker) began to pay money to customers who put on the victory of Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, although to the election of the US President a few days. This is not the first one payout made by this bookmaker. Earlier, in 2012, Paddy Power has already paid 2 days before the re-election of Barack Obama $ 650,000. Now the amount of payments will be almost 1 million. dol.

Woman wins 1 million. dol. Wanting teaching her husband. Deciding to prove to her husband that it is impossible to win the lottery, the woman bought a few tickets and washing a protective strip one of them won a million. After that, the woman took her words back and recognized that it was not right.

Betting between the star Instagram and Poker Lover by Dan Bilzerian and the hedge fund manager Bill Perkins on the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat will allow the poker to play all that he lost behind the card table. The amount on which men argued amounted to 5 million dollars. Earlier, the player was already able to get rich with bets when he was on a bike for a while drove away from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on time, for which I received 1 million. dollars.

No less interesting, but unfortunately, not so rainbow events are compiled below:

A resident of New York (USA), playing casino, in Slot machines, was amazed when the amount of winnings of 42.9 million was highlighted on the screen. dollars. As it turned out, her winnings turned out to be erroneous and was canceled. As an apology for causing inconvenience, she got lunch with Beefsteks from Gambling.

Investigation on issuing casino loans to housewives in Nevada. Financial regulators have begun an investigation into the Las Vegas Sands casino operator, which is suspected of issuing loans to housewives, and those in turn transmitted money to Chinese highly rollers for a casino game. According to the source, now in this case appear two casinos: Palazzo and Venetian.

The authorities in China were arrested by Casino workers Crown Resorts for advertising Australian casino among major players. From the media it became known that 18 employees and 10 people related to them were arrested.

Professional baseball player accused of sponsoring an illegal casino. Pitcher Korean Baseball Organization An Hi-Man denies the prosecution, arguing that 150,000 dollars., he appeared in the case he lent to a friend to the opening of the restaurant, and he has no relation to the casino. At the moment, the player is suspended from matches in the Korean League.

The Legend of Poker Phil Ivey violated the contract with the Borgata casino and now there is a possibility that he will have to pay a casino compensation. Although the player and did not bullie the game table, but violated the contract, which led to the losses of gambling establishment. Now, the casino has 20 days to calculate the amount of lost money.

Investigation in the casino on winning a woman 3 million. Dollars in slot machines. In the city of Biverton (USA), a woman was lucky to win 3 million. dollars, but she never got his gain. Casino is currently investigating, since the maximum possible gain on this unit is not more than 15 thousand. dol.

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