Lottery and sports betting in Kazakhstan

This year for the Gaming Industry of Kazakhstan was not easy and disturbing. Consider more important events in this industry.

More than 10 years ago, 2 zones were identified at the legislative level in which players could enjoy gambling entertainment. Thus, the state wanted to control the gambling business, to receive taxes from him, develop the tourism sector to attract investments and raise the service in the casino. After some time, a proposal was made to open another 3 zones where gamers could play slot machines and other gambling. But while it is only an offer, the state does not make decisive steps to make an idea of ​​life.

Activity online casino in the country is not permitted. But in recent years, the idea of ​​legalize this industry has all hearing. After all, despite the ban, citizens use the services of illegal operators. The state is considering the possibility of legalization of online monopoly. But so far there was no confirmation of this idea at the official level.

Throughout the country is allowed to play the lottery and bet in bookmakers. But these 2 sectors will soon be changed.


This sector has steadily showed active growth until recently. Many experts argue that all the fault of large tax rates. In 2018, VAT introduced, and after that, the operators began to complain about a decrease in profits. The owner of the monopoly firm claims that such a tax is not relevant anywhere else in the world. This tax is charged on the prize and sales of lottery tickets. In addition, the operator must support the development of sports in the country. In addition, the monopolist also finances some projects.

Due to the reduction of tax revenues, the state decided to remove VAT and start fighting with an illegal gambling business. So far, the new bill is under consideration.

Lottery business is controlled using advanced innovation. Now the authorities work on the opening of electronic lottery sales points. Innovative control will help control all transactions in the lottery sphere. Such a measure will not allow minors to buy lottery tickets, as the program will conduct customer identification.

Also, the monopolist made an idea how to work with a shadow market. It is enough to change the options and update the software, and then illegals who mask the slots under the lottery will be legally legally.


But the reforms that the bookmakers expect the bookmakers are absolutely not happy.

After all, terrestrial bookmakers want to move to the gambling zones. It is worth noting that in the world none of the states led a similar practice.

Also plan to reduce jobs. In the country will be 5 thousand unemployed more.

Also, the state is configured to introduce the rates. The authorities believe that in this way they will be able to deal with illegal bookmakers, and make a business more transparent. Bookmakers believe that this is a direct path to the development of corruption.


Country prepare for serious reforms in the field of lotteries and bookmakers. Some edits, such as the abolition of VAT, will positively affect the sector. But there are controversial moments, relating to the bookmakers, which expected will not work on the positive development of this sphere.

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