Macau projected 50% decline in gross gambling income

The Macau government on March 19 lowered its forecast for gross gambling income by 50% for the entire 2020 due to the negative impact of the coronavirus. Officials have cut their forecast for this year to about $ 16 billion from initial forecasts for 2020 of $ 32 billion.
The new negative outlook reportedly comes from the impact on Macau this year of the spread of the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus from mainland China. But as many experts point out, the Macau government usually underestimates its annual revenues, especially in terms of gross gambling income, so this figure may be higher at the end of this year.
However, the uncertainty surrounding the gaming industry in Macau remains high after a series of government measures to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, including a fifteen-day period in which tourists and locals were completely denied access to gambling establishments.

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