Ludomania fighting mechanisms in different countries

Game dependence – the big problem of the game world. Together with the legalization of gembling, countries are worried about the security of players. Consider what methods are struggling with ludomania. Different countries.

Previously, no one knew about such a disease, at least gambling were popular for a long time. Just then people belonged to this lesson as to entertainment. Now many have made this occupation by their main income, or at all lifestyles.

Ludomania is sick in countries where gambling is both allowed and prohibited. The complexity is that the state where games are prohibited is very difficult to ensure the proper level of services and the protection of players.

To minimize the appearance of gambling addiction, a special set of measures was developed. Before studying their study, it is worth understanding the concept of "ludomania".

What is "Ludomania"

Ludomania is considered to be addicted to games when making money from winning in gambling brings pleasure in the greatest extent. It is believed that this disease arises not only from the desire to earn light money, but from bright emotions.

One of the main signs of gaming disease is the desire to constantly be in the game atmosphere. Family, friends and work go to the background. Gradually, the player cannot finish the game on time, he closes in debts. During when a person does not play, he is experiencing depression and anxious state.

Special complex of measures from gambling addiction

  1. Program exclusion of players. The player himself can close himself access to games for a while or forever. Also close players have the opportunity to close access to gambling players. It is very important because the dependent game rarely sees in this problem.
  2. Rate limit in online casino. The player himself can set the amount of the amount whose no longer can spend.
  3. Need to gambling children. Before registering, users pass identification procedure.

Specificity to combat ludomania in different countries

The treated methods are the main. They should be used in all countries where gembling is legalized. Now it is worth considering examples of different countries.


In this country, they welcome all types of gambling, both in land and online. At the same time, children are absolutely not interested in entertainment. They are more attracted by video on YouTube and online purchases.

The mechanism of self-mixing worked for quite a long time, but he showed its effectiveness quite recently. Earlier, a player who blocked himself in one institution could safely play in Slot machines in a different. After creating a single base of self-filled players, the problem is gone.

Although employees of terrestrial gambling establishments argue that they are often found with people who have gambling addiction.


This country is actively developing its gaming sector. Thanks to the new sphere, the country’s treasury increases. However, Georgians do not really like to spend time in a casino, more Georgian gambling institutions attract tourists. However, the youth is dependent on gambling. According to the study, practically half of schoolchildren playing online casinos. According to children, they are looking for gaming platforms from advertising. Last year, the state considered the draft law on restricting advertising of gambling.


Since the beginning of 2019, the number of gambling dependent on gambling has increased dramatically. Specialists connect this with the active work of bookmakers, but their number decreases. Authorities urgently made amendments to the gambling law. Now there is a mechanism for self-slip players.


Ludomania is a fairly new phenomenon that is a great danger to society. Therefore, countries are trying to use the developed leasean control mechanisms. In each country, gembling develops in different ways. Each state regulates gambling and minimizes the development of gambling addiction in its scenario. We advise you to follow international experience in order to prevent the global problem.

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