Muscane Network will be awarded by the President of India for poker achievements

The Network Muscan entered the list of one hundred contenders for the awarding by the President of India for poker achievements and will receive an award next month.

The prize Indian president will hand over women, successful, it is, in men’s professions. In addition to the Muscane Network, the list has replenished women who became the first in their professions:

  • G. Dhinggan – an officer who joined the Army of India;
  • Pulita Arora – Lieutenant-General of India;
  • Khareshini Kalkhekar – fireman;
  • Radhika Menon – Captain of the Fleet.

The Pokguru Indian resource announced an interview with the Muscan network, in which the girl recalls his poker journey and expresses delight and impatience about the upcoming award.

Indian women society is not recommended to play cards, Slot machines, Attend casino and gambling establishments, Muscan has passed a long way until it began to perceive as a decent opponent. Game with men First, career delivered her only insults and misunderstanding. Became acquainted with the game poker Muscan in television programs that her father watched. At the age of twenty years, the network began to play poker on the Facebook network, but over time, when I realized that he was playing well, he thought about the game in tournaments. So began the path of poker achievements of a resident of Delhi.

Wins Muscans in poker Rumeys-online $ 114,597 and live tournaments 44 € 46. Muscane Network took part in 2014 and in the show on TV PokerStars Shark Cage, where I won the 2nd place.

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