A new era comes in gambling

Gambling are one of the most interesting and at the same time a profitable occupation. People walk to the casino or visit the online casino sites to have fun and get rid of all the fatigue accumulated on the day, as well as win money.

Slot machines can be excellent entertainment for generation X, but the generation of Millenialas is significantly different in its preferences.

Today in the casino you will not be able to find as many young people as older players, whose childhood has been associated with the development of traditional casinos. As for the Millennalev or Generation Y, then this generation loves more games in which actions are required. It was noted that entertainment is associated with the skill, strategy and mental abilities.

In the light of this problem, many traditional casinos and online casinos begin to rebuild to take into account the younger generation. This includes a larger video game offer as a gambling form.

Lack of novelty

Despite the fact that the main gambling establishments such as Las Vegas were upgraded to such an extent that they not only began to offer gambling services, but also cover other fields of entertainment. Night clubs, restaurants, sporting events and much more is now open in Vegas and although these opportunities are undoubtedly more attractive to young people, the industry is still missing novelty.

Young people can go to Las Vegas, but most of the time they prefer to spend, watching sporting events, visiting nightclubs, and not casino halls.

In 2014, Millenniyalai visited 24% among visitors to Las Vegas, but only 63% of them were actually gambling players. This compared to 68% of the older generation.

According to M. Meyerhofer, head of Gamblit Gaming:

"Most Visitors of Vegas are younger than 50 years old, and most of those who play slot machines older than 50 years. Casino operators see that 100 percent of their playgrounds are designed for a group of a population, which is no longer a majority.

Outdated technologies

One of the main reasons why Igor’s sites lacking young people is that most games have not been updated in accordance with the requirements of today. For example, mechanical slot machines are still based on exactly the same lever tensioning mechanism to twist drums and win, in case of in a row in a row of identical characters.

Although there have been significant changes in the slot machines in the design, the main idea has always remained unchanged. "Millennialy grew into the era of digital media and games. Passive experience of slot machines does not find a response from them, "adds Meyerhofer.

Changes in video games

Gradually, everything starts to change in favor of online casino, as well as the younger generation. In February 2016, Nevada and New Jersey adopted a law that allows online casino to introduce more skill-based games.

It can be said that the case is moving, given the speed with which new legislation was adopted: it was introduced in January 2015, and in June of the same year it was signed. Experts constantly say that there is a need to introduce new features and more interactive for a new generation. With games similar to Angry Birds, Temple Run online casino will be able to attract millions of young people.

In addition, there will be more opportunities not only to play games, but also to bet on other playing. Various casinos in Las Vegas are already involved in cybersport rates in their institutions.

And with such game online tournaments like the World Cup for Fortnite or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which millions of viewers worldwide participate, the addition of gaming opportunities will undoubtedly bring a large profit of the industry.

Possible complications

In addition to the positive effect, many analysts warn about the possible negative consequences of such developments. According to Tomer Perry, the scientific officer of the Ethics Center Edmond J. Safras at Harvard University, familiarization of young people with gambling can create problems. Perry believes that if an ordinary gambling itself in itself, some gamers cause addiction and creates psychological problems, the addition of new video games that you like young people can distribute this problem on them.

In the end, gambling are a form of entertainment that can be good and not quite a suitable occupation for a certain type of people. It depends on how refers to gambling.

The introduction of a new life in the industry can be as profitable for online casinos, as well as for young people, which can find their favorite types of entertainment in ordinary casinos, as well as on their favorite sites and get exactly what they need.

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