Borgatta Casino in Atlantic City provided its visitors a new service. Now guests Hotel Casino & SPA can play gambling without leaving their number.

And for this, the hotel administration did not put computers in the rooms: especially since online gembling in the US is prohibited. They found a better way. Playing gambling clients of the resort can on TV! Yes Yes! You did not hear! It is on TV!

A system has been created throughout the hotel, which allows you to access the game from TVs that are in the rooms. Besides. The hotel’s leadership plans to expand this network in the near future and make an accessible entry into the system with telephone, tablets and other gadgets.

In order to enter the system, the player needs to receive an access card with a temporary password from hotel workers. The card is the value of the PIN code. In addition, the player is obliged to open an account on which he will put money for the game or shoot winnings. The amount of accruals can not exceed $ 2,500 a day. Well, then everything is simple! You use the remote control to make the game, make bets and rotate drums! Currently, there are still a few video calls for such a game for such a game. But if the test use of the system is successful, then the range of the Games provided will expand. A big plus is that the electronic account of the player is preserved for him for a very long time. At the same time, money can remain in the account, and the client can use them upon return to the Borgatta casino.

As the company’s vice president stated, such an innovation is a preparatory stage for the introduction of online gembling.

Recently, Nevada has already allowed online gembling. The introduction of such permission is calculated by other US states, in which gambling are legal business.

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