Non-easy history of creating game developer Octopus Gaming

Octopus Gaming – software developer for Igaming, working on the Caribbean Island Antigua. From this remote, but the idyllic paradise octopus Gaming island serves the world of Igaming, offering a wide range of colorful video slots, instant games and even board games for online casino sites.

In general, the Octopus Gaming library has no more than 90 items, and the vast majority of them are slot machines. In terms of coverage, they offer a huge variety of topics. OCTOPUS Top Slot Machines includes Aladdin’s Magical Treasure, Carnival of Venice, Diablo 13, Dwarven Gold and Redbeard & Co. To date, only a few desktop games offered by Octopus Gaming are developed, but they are not particularly in demand.

Octopus Gaming promotes eight basic values ​​when developing games and shares them with Igaming operators. These include the desire for an exceptional gaming process, high-quality products, excellent quality of work and honest game. At the technical level, Octopus Gaming has other factors that can benefit players. The developer can offer games that are guaranteed to adapt to any mobile screen, which is vital during when playing on the go so popular. Operators who cooperate with Octopus Gaming promise a quick integration process using a high functional back office. Operators can manage the entire spectrum of Octopus Gaming Games.

The proposed games were originally sold under the TopGame brand, Octopus has a rather difficult and conflicted past. Pragmatic Play bought part of the Octopus assets before appearing in the market almost overnight in 2015. Many industry observers believed that Pragmatic Play was actually disguised topgame, trying to distance themselves from bad reputation. However, this was not proved, and although the company is not completely transparent past, it received a license and is certified by most regulators, respected and revered all over the world, and this is about many.

In October 2017, Pragmatic Play deleted most or all games from their website, which were created before purchasing. Gaming machines with all famous other games created by TopGame, now appeared on the website of the new company. OCTOPUS social networks, Facebook and Twitter accounts were created in November 2016 and have the current company logo. Due to some tricky coding or strange match, the Pragmatic Play archives do not show the games that appeared on the website quite recently, in August 2017 and later.

Depending on where the visitor is located, playing Pragmatic Play and the new company appear in online casinos, which broadcast Topgame content in 2008. If only Pragmatic Play does not make a public statement about who is the owner of a new company, software and games fall under their licenses. It is worth waiting for confirmation from the regulatory authority before assumed that the GSH, games and software are tested, certified or licensed.

With Octopus Gaming there was a scandalous story in 2009. It was discovered that in several TopGame slot machines with a progressive jackpot, there were no jackpot symbols from the 1st and 5th drums. It was about such slot machines like Diablo 13, Dougies Delights and Wild Sevens. It made it impossible to win jackpots and reduced the overall rating of games. Software supplier paid compensation to players, but only after several contradictory versions of the reasons why this happened, including accidentally unfolded test configuration, dubious statements that vulnerable games were available only in less than 36 hours, and many other confusing explanations. It should be noted that the new versions of Doughie’s Delights and Diablo 13, which were recently tested, no longer offer progressive jackpots.

Until Pragmatic Play does a clear statement about their former and real assets, it is not known whether the company owns Octopus Gaming or not, and whether the former owners of TopGame share in the capital of the IBID Group, which control Pragmatic Play. And although representatives of TopGame back in 2009 promised that the software would be tested, audit and certification, this did not happen. Pragmatic Play has a certified generator of random numbers, but is it not known whether the certificate has any attitude to the games Octopus Gaming.

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