New New Year’s action from Casexe

The next New Year’s action was launched from the Casexe Gaming Products Creator, whose prize for all participating will be the PostaffiliatePro affiliate program.

From December 24, 2016 to February 28, 2017, all participants who ordered an individual Casino project online Casexe will receive a gift PostAffiliatePro.

The PostaffiliatePro program will fully automate the work of the affiliate program and is a very comfortable tool for interacting with webmasters. For each webmaster after the registration process, a personal office opens with all requested promo materials for successful website promotion. The system also tracks the traffic of attracted customers, the sale of services, the accrual of the commission, is automatic accounting of payments and MN.Other.

Task Performance Speed ​​and Full Automation makes the PostaffiliatePro program as useful in minimizing temporary and labor costs, which contributes to the rapid growth and increasing your business. This program also features high tracking reliability and unlimited functionality expansion and benefit for SEO optimization.

Orders to create individual projects, including platform with slot machines, are accepted on any pages with Casexe products. Registration of the application, details of the new promotion, as well as all the information you are interested in are available on the Casexe website. Recall that the company already accepts orders for individual projects VR casino.

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