Novelty in the gambling world – Vaiping slot machine

All online software developers seek to follow the trends in the world to create Slot machines, capable of bringing more and more new customers on their game platforms. Every year gaining increasing popularity of Weiping. This direction is widely known not only in megalopolis, but recruits its customers and in small settlements. People are combined into the group, rewrite in chats, discussing their taste preferences, as well as the benefit or harm of smoking electronic cigarettes. Given the interest of a significant audience to this topic, the Czech manufacturer of slot machines "Endorphina" released a slot "Diamond Vapor", Dedicated to Vaiping.

To the main characteristics of the slot "Diamond Vapor" relate:

– Game field 5 * 3;

– 10 payment lines;

– Icons that complement the subject of the slot machine: guys and a girl who prefer electronic cigarette instead of ordinary, multicolored bright bottles with liquids, electronic cigarettes;

– Skatter – in case of three such characters in case of falling out, the player is accrued ten freks;

– risk-game in which you need to choose a wiper from the two;

– Availability of function "Skil Stop".

From January 24, 2017, the game can be found on the official website of the developer, and on February 7-9, the product will appear at the exhibition in London, after which it will be widely access. Players are provided with a chance to get a variety of gifts, including flavored liquids created by a partner of the Creator Slot. The distribution of prizes will happen at the exhibition dedicated to the official launch of the slot machine.

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